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Andes STR

Andes STR offers investors turnkey access to Short Term Rentals (“STRs”) as an asset class by using our proprietary technology and extensive Real Estate partner network. We find the best deals, get them ready to be rented out, and manage the properties – all our customers have to do is tell us their budget and their investment needs, we take care of everything else.

We take care of everything for you. Before the purchase, we ask first for your budget and then we arrange financing, set up your LLC, and choose a partner for the year-end accounting. Then, we use our prize-winner technology to find, purchase, and furnish the best-performing properties for you. After the purchase, we manage the properties and, we can help you sell and then reinvest the capital Our mission is to assist you in every step of the investment and become your long-term real estate partner.

We are here to make investing in real estate simple. We ask for your budget and investments needs, we set up LLCs and arrange financing with our partners, and then with our award-winning machine learning algorithm, we send you a “one-pager” with an investment opportunity that meets your needs using more than 400 data points to find the best performing opportunity. As soon we send you the opportunity, we will need you to decide in no more than a few hours because the great deals go fast and there are more customers in-line waiting for them.

Anyone. Andes STR works with two types of clients, institutional and individuals. For institutional we help them raise investments funds and even arrange financing for the fund and then we find the best-performing properties with the help of our algorithm, and we manage them. For individuals' customers, it doesn't matter to us whether is your first or the hundred investments in real estate, we take care of everything for you. International, foreign, or non-us citizens are also a perfect fit for our product where we help them at every stage of the process of buying and managing an investment property. In general, our current customers invest $300k in equity or more.

We differentiate from anyone else because we had developed a proprietary machine learning model that helps us find the best-performing properties with more than 400 data points for each property, and we use big data and analytics to evaluate the investments and to determine pricing, communications, marketing, and all other services that can affect the revenue that can generate your investment. Also, our team's combined experience in real estate, buy-side investing, and management consulting allows us to be very diligent about the decisions we make for your investment. We offer the same level of professionalism and high-quality work as we did in our previous finance and consulting roles.


Real Estate investments have a lot of benefits, just to mention a few: they are a real, tangible asset that can work as a hedge against economic uncertainty. It has been a natural inflation hedge over history where income generated from rents can grow directly in line with CPI. It has major tax incentives that other investment doesn't enjoy, where you can deduct the interest of mortgage payments, property management fees, and many others, and also, you can borrow money to invest which allows you to leverage and monetize from low-interest rates.

Short-Term Rentals (“STRs”) are furnished properties that are rented by night via online platforms such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Expedia, VRBO, etc. They are a good investment because they enjoy all the benefits of regular real estate, but they can generate 100% or more revenue without significant higher risks letting you enjoy passive income with the full turnkey solution that Andes STR can give you.

Most of the time we will just need to furnish. Sometimes, we will advise a small renovation project as long as the numbers make sense for the investment. Have in mind that a short-term rental without furniture is just a property, not an investment so we need to make the property ready to be rented out while using our proprietary data to optimize it for maximum returns. But don't worry, we will take care of everything for you.

Andes STR offers fully turnkey and data-driven management to take care of everything for you. We make sure to minimize risks via our Responsible Hosting practices and we use data and advanced algorithms to determine pricing, communications, marketing, and all other important services such that you can enjoy higher returns with peace of mind.

Absolutely! Just like we use our proprietary technology to buy investments for our customers, we also help customers sell their properties. Using our technology and platform, we can usually get our customers a higher price than any other broker. Our fees are also lower than that of most brokerages, saving you significant money.

Yes, you can! Although it's generally not a great idea – you will most likely lose a lot of revenue. Our product is great for investors, but it is not designed for second-home owners. In any case, it is your property, so you can decide what to do with it.

We can, but it has to first pass our criteria so we can provide you with an amazing investment experience.

Legal and Financing

Yes! Andes STR can help you with all the steps of the process of acquiring an investment property. If you need the advice of lawyers, financing, accounting, or any other service related to real estate investment, Andes with their experienced partners can advise you and then also manage your property to give you a stress-free investment.

Of course! When we say we will take care of all for you, we take it seriously, that is why we have partnered with accountants' firms that can help you arrange all the tax parts from the property!

Absolutely! We partner up with large lenders that like financing our products because of how well they perform. We will help you arrange the best financing for your investment property.

Yes! We can help you with all the banking and financing processes to make the investment opportunity real. After you enter the process, we will provide you with the help of our partner banks and open a bank account with special benefits and then arrange financing if you need it.

The best way to determine how much money investors can invest is by receiving a letter of prequalification from the banks or speaking with a financial advisor to determine what is comfortable for your case. Andes STR can provide you with information about what usually our customers borrow from banks and how much they invest. We still advise you to speak with a financial advisor or your lender to understand how much you should invest.

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